Natures Essence and Animal Totems Hiking or Riding Workshop

Elk Totem in The West Elk Wilderness

This special full day workshop will be filled with magic. Explore the essence of nature and your animal totems. They have much to teach us. Call for reservations.

A Colorado wilderness horseback or hiking workshop in the West Elk Wilderness near Crested Butte teaching you about animal totems, nature, and YOU.  Take a wilderness adventure and discover you!

Horseback or Hiking Educational Workshop:

Prices Begin at:

Price: $175.00 w/lunch per person + Horse
Private: $225.00 w/lunch + Horse

Price: $125.00 w/lunch per person (Hiker)
Private: $175.00 w/lunch (Hiker)

There is limited availability – 2 rider / hiker minimum

Get your reservation and pay Today or Give a gift of adventure!


Animal Totem Workshop


$50.00 Gift Certificate



(Reservation our needed at least 48 hours before date of ride.)

Call for reservations  (970)921-3557